The SelfCookingCenter®

It has been our mission to offer you the best cooking tool for more than 40 years. A tool with which you can realise your idea of cooking. One with which your food always turns out the way you want it. A tool that is easy to use and relieves you from routine tasks so you can master the day-today requirements of your kitchen with less stress – and one that at the end of the day pays off.

It all began with the idea of combining steam and hot air in a single appliance. Thus, we invented the first combi-steamer in 1976 and have continually developed it. But that wasn't enough for us. In order to provide you with even more targeted support in the kitchen, we developed an assistant fitted with true intelligence: the new SelfCookingCenter® with 5 senses – more than a conventional combi-steamer. It senses, recognises, thinks with you, learns and even communicates with you. A cooking assistant who stands by your side. Always.

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